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The grocery store

This post brought back some memories…

Growing up in a small town, the “major” employers for teens were either one of the two grocery stores, DQ, Hardees or Monicals.  I worked at the grocery store.  I’m not sure if this had any bearing on me being hired, but we were family friends with the owner.  🙂

I was a cashier, hired the summer I turned 15.  I wanted to earn money to go to England.

I started as a part-time cashier.  Since I was in the marching band, I had Friday nights off when they played at home.  We had charge accounts for the Flippo’s (the local pizza place) and Tuesday nights, someone stood up on the counter to change out the ad merchandise.  We had two full time meat cutters, a bakery and deli and on the side, the store did some catering.

I started out as a cashier.  During my senior year in High school and breaks, I’d work Sunday night helping unload the truck.  Later I also worked nights in the bakery/deli, after I turned 18.  My friends always managed to “decorate” my car when I was working, but payback was a bitch.

There’s so much more, but I’ve been sitting on this for a while now.  Maybe there will be a part 2.  Who knows.

April in review

I am an American Idol Junkie who likes Baseball and is Catholic. Dental health is being worked on and I love Eclair, Mock variety. I love my Family and I’m getting Gray hairs and Green Grass. Hearing is bad and I’m somewhat Insomniac. My friend Jimmy Cracked Corn’s search terms are funny and Kids are my world, which I read from our extensive Library.

I love Marching Bands and Night time is when my kids wind up instead of down and hubby and I wear night guards. I was in two Oganizations growing up, and had PVC’s that have been corrected. I love my Grandma Quilt and so do the kids. We are big on Recycling and I Scrapbook, get lots of Spam and have kids that wear small sizes.

I have my Tonsils out and Little Man OUGHT to have his out. Ugh! I blogged about a Variety of things and I’ve always been a Working Girl who hasn’t had many X-Rays. 🙂 I like Youtube and We’ve had a Zoo growing up.

Now you know the ABC’s of me! Hope you had fun. I know I did.

W is for…

Working girl.

I have held a job for most of my life, since I got my work permit the summer I turned 15.  I worked at the local grocery store as a cashier and later in the Deli after I turned 18.  It was my job at home when I came back from college breaks and it was great.  I learned the number key pad and can key in numbers like there’s no tomorrow!  LOL!!
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U is for…


Yesterday we took the day off to take in a Cubs game.  They won!  Yippee!!!  The Ugh part comes on the way home.  We got onto 55 okay, but it took us an hour to go about 12 miles or so.  there had been an accident near County Line road that took a while to clear off.  By the time we drive past, the cleaners were finishing up and getting ready to leave.
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