Thursday 13: more Kindle books

I’ve a Kindle with lots of books.  Here are 13 books in my “classics” collection.

  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. Catch-22
  3. The Jungle Book
  4. Les Miserables
  5. The Phantom of the Opera
  6. The Princess Bride
  7. Robinson Crusoe
  8. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  9. A Tale of Two Cities
  10. The Time Macine
  11. Treasure Island
  12. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  13. Fairy Tales (both Hans Christian Andersen & Brothers Grimm)

More Thursday 13

Thursday 13: Thirteen pets

I had to go back through my archives.  The theme for Thursday 13 is pets.  I’ve kind of posted about this before here.  As I’ve mentioned in the post, we’ve had many pets growing up.  Here’s a list of the names:

  1. Doobie (golden cocker spaniel)
  2. Ginger (a reddish cocker spaniel)
  3. Maxi (dog)
  4. Suzy (a cat)
  5. Misty (a cat)
  6. Quincy (a cat)
  7. Sox (a cat
  8. Snowball (hamster)
  9. Frenchie (hamster)
  10. Gideon (rat)
  11. Star (gerbil)
  12. Pete & Repete (parakeets)
  13. Miss Piggy & Kermit (gold fish)

Happy Thursday 13!

Thursday 13: 13 Th 13 posts

So I’ve had this blog for a while now.  I was looking at all my Thursday 13 posts and I didn’t realize how many I’ve written.  Here’s thirteen of my Thursday 13 posts.  All will open in a new window/tab.

  1. 1/15/2009: Plan vs. reality.  This was my first Th-13 post!
  2. 2/19/2009: Cosmetics
  3. 6/11/2009: Happy birthday
  4. 9/24/2009: Blues Brothers quotes.  I LOVE that movie!
  5. 10/29/2009:  Illinois towns with people names.
  6. 11/12/2009:  Jobs I have had
  7. 3/11/2010:  Signs of Spring
  8. 4/1/2010:  Names
  9. 4/15/2010:  Because I’m a Mom
  10. 7/22/2010Eagle and the Hawk
  11. 11/18/2010:  Lies
  12. 3/2/2011:  Favorite Songs
  13. 6/9/2011:  spellings of my name


Thursday 13

Thursday 13-Gramma’s house

Here are 13 things that my younger cousins never experienced at Gramma’s and Grampa’s house after they moved to Florida.

    1. Rolling down the hill.
    2. The backyard that went on forever.
    3. Taking a nap in a basement bedroom and upon awaking, not knowing it’s it’s AM or PM.
    4. Begging an aunt or uncle (usually and aunt) to take us to the park down the street.
    5. Being old enough to finally go without an aunt.
    6. Spending the afternoon at the park playing nothing in particular with cousins.
    7. Lawn darts and horseshoes.
    8. Not wanting to go into the laundry room because it was scary.
    9. Visiting and wondering if the house was arranged the same or if there was a new room/wall somewhere.
    10. Playing hide and seek in the basement.
    11. Sliding in the basement hallway.
    12. Christmas gift exchanges.
    13. This wallpaper in the dining room


More Thursday 13


I am late in getting this posted.  I completely forgot to do this post yesterday.  People got panties in a bunch over Thanksgiving because retail workers were expected to work and not be with family.  I think when you work retail, it’s not a surprise that you’ll be working.  Here’s 13 other jobs/careers/professions that don’t always get the holiday off.  Some are fairly obvious.

  1. active duty military
  2. police officers
  3. fire fighters
  4. doctors
  5. nurses
  6. TV crew
  7. radio crew
  8. garbage collectors
  9. homeless shelter staff
  10. hotel staff
  11. nursing home staff
  12. gas station attendants
  13. movie theater staff

Thursday Thirteen

edited to add:  also transportation crew, including airlines, taxis, bussing services.

Thursday 13: More Kindle Books read

I believe I have 427 books on my Kindle.  Most of them fall in the Thriller genre.  I hope to get them all read.  Here’s 13 more that I’ve finished and loved.

  1. Black Flagged; Steven Konkoly.  I just finished this one.
  2. Vigilante; Claude Bouchard.  There are 7 books so far in this series.  I’ve read them all and loved every one.
  3. Blacklisted; Luke Romyn
  4. The Dark Path; Luke Romyn
  5. Empire (In Her Name: Redemption); Michael Hicks.  He has written three trilogy’s, I’ve read 2 of them so far.
  6. Don’t Shoot! I’m Just the Avon Lady!; Birdie Jaworski
  7. A Night to Remember; Walter Lord.
  8. Goodbye to All That; Judith Arnold
  9. Smart Mouth Waitress, A Romantic Comedy; Dalya Moon
  10. The Dirty Parts of the Bible – A Novel; Sam Torode (This was pretty good and not what it seems)
  11. The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow; Joyce Magnin
  12. Charlotte Figgs Takes over Paradise; Joyce Magnin
  13. Shit My Dad Says; Justin Halpern

Thursday 13

Thursday 13

Thirteen scouting (mostly Cub & Girl) related activities since summer started.

  1. Daisy troop train ride to Springfield to visit the Lincoln Museum
  2. Helped sort pre-bagged food for the local food drive
  3. Camped out for Weblos weekend at Ingersoll Scout Reservation
  4. Earned the BB Pin
  5. Top Popcorn seller for his pack
  6. Helped clean the school Reading Garden for the pack service project
  7. Camped in the cold the first weekend of November
  8. Built/put together a boat for the rain gutter regatta
  9. Learned how to change a car tire
  10. Building a three legged stool
  11. Used a sand belter
  12. Made a rope and whipped it (the ends)
  13. Finished activity pins for Arrow of Light (to be able to bridge into Boy Scouts)

Thursday 13