Sentimental Sunday (9)

After taking a week off, I think I have something for you.

Little Man is in Kindergarten now.  It’s so fun to hear him learn and sing songs and rhymes that I’d forgotten all about.  Such as:

  • Miss Mary Mack…
  • Teddy Bear, teddy bear turn around…
  • Down at the station early in the morning…
  • Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear.  One step, two step, tickle under there!
  • Criss-cross applesauce…
  • Wash the dishes, dry the dishes…

Just to name a few.  I’m sure there are other’s, but those are the ones that I can think of.

Sentimental Sunday (8)

Here we are again.  This time, it’s the Christmas albums that we listened to as kids.  As vinyl.  With a record player.  and a needle! Continue reading

S S (7) an update

Here’s some links for you.

The Monster at the End of the Book

Oscar’s Book

Tootles the Taxi

Frosty The Snow Man

Well, I’m thrilled to have found the few that I did.

Sentimental Sunday (7)

Here I am…  Still plugging and chugging with Sentimental Sunday.  Today’s topic, favorite books. Continue reading

Sentimental Sunday (6)

Here we are again.  Time for Sentimental Sunday.  🙂  Christmas version!

  • Two words:  Moon Boots.  My sister and I were on the Christmas parade float for the Chamber of Commerce.  I was a shepard.  We wore Moon boots!  LOL!! 
  • Our Santa always ride on the fire truck in the parade.
  • Going with Fighting Windmills post, we always received toothbrushes in our Christmas Stockings.  Now I include them in our stockings.  I’m sure that we always got regular items in our stockings, but I always remember toothbrushes.
  • For as long as I could remember, My two sisters, brother and I would always sleep in the same room.  The last year we did this was probably Christmas 1994?  The four of us tried to sleep in the king size bed.  I think I was the only one who really fell asleep that night.
  • Our other Christmas tradition was to open our presents in our PJ’s.
Chamber of Commerce Float

Chamber of Commerce Float, 1983

I’m there on the left with the cane and the dark blue moon boots and the sun glasses!  I think this was pre-parade.

Sentimental Sunday (5)

Just one more thing from last week.  Before we had a wagon with seats in the well, my younger sister and I would sit in the back-back for long trips.  No belts!  What a concept!!  LOL!!

Anyway, This is the last day of NaBloPoMo.  I’m not sure if I’ll continue doing Sentimental Sunday.  I’m not sure I’ll have much more to write about!  Today’s post will be a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

  • My Dad was part of the Theater Assocciation.  One year I helped run wire under the stage!  I was the smallest person there.
  • In the summer, we’d spend hours at the pool.  We always wore sunscreen, so we rarely burned.
  • One summer we took an RV trip to Canada.  We went to Thunder Bay.
  • I was a part of 4-H & Girl Scouts.
  • One of my 4-H demonstrations, I made a dessert.  Whipped cream with pineapple chuncks.  YUM!!  One of the questions asked was,m “What do you eat it with?”  I answered, “A spoon.”  She meant, what kind of food do you serve it with!  LOL!!
  • I am finding all sorts of old friends on facebook.  I {Heart} facebook!

Sentimental Sunday (4)

This is kind of scattered today, with no flow what-so-ever…

Because we were a family of 6, we had a station wagon.  You know, the kind with the wood panel, although I think ours was the faux wood panel.  My younger sister and I would sit in the “back-back”, or at least that’s what we called it.  The second station wagon we had actually had seats and seat belts back there!  We were riding backwards.  On trips up to Chicago Heights, my sister and I would dance our animals or wave at the passing cars trying to get them to wave and always trying to get the truck to honk horns.  We always played the alphabet game of some sorts (either using objects outside or names or animals)
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