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F F Friday (11)

Here we are!  It’s time for fucking floral Friday with Saintseester.

the lone Dandelion
the lone Dandelion

This is the only dandelion that has been allowed in our yard.  And it’s not even in the yard, it’s in the mulch.

Last night was a beautiful cool night, so we opened the windows.  The kids in our neighborhood were hanging around at the house across the street, the boy and his friend and the girl two houses down and her friend.  They were right across from our house.  It’s past 9:00, it’s night and voices carry.  Right into our rooms.  Where we are trying to sleep.  Little Man complianed numerous times to us that they were being too loud.  So about 9:30 (after we had put the last of the laundry away) I went outside to tell them to pipe down.  The two boys did apologize.
Did it work?  For maybe 10 minutes or so.  Finally about 10:00 when the noisest girl and her friend went home. 

A/C update PS

Also, our furnace that was replaced was a Coleman.  You know Coleman = CAMPING GEAR!  The furnace that was heating our two story house and basement was made for a TRAILER!  Yes, you read that correctly.  Grrrrrrrrr….

Hot, hot & HOT

ughh… Our A/C coils decided that thye wanted to be an icemaker instead. Friday we got 3 estimates and then signed. Monday it’s getting installed. Fortunatley for us, we have a window unit in our bedroom, so this weekend, we’ll drag the kids’ mattresses in our room and they’ll sleep on the floor. The kids are too wiggley and the bed is too small for all of us to be in our bed.

So we’ll be spending quite a bit of time at the library. I thought about going to the Children’s Discovery Museum or a Make a Mess place here in town, but that costs money and right now, we have to be cheap frugal. We’ll probably be eating out most nights. Ugh…