Photohunt: Orange

After spending a long weekend in WI, and even after posting a sunset photo already, here is another orange sunset.

The cabin with an orange glow from the sunset.  Probably Sunday or Monday evening.

more Photohunt

Home improvements #1

These are photos of our old patio door.  Notice how everything is square??


 Here’s our new patio door.  The screen is on the inside and actually locks!!

A/C update PS

Also, our furnace that was replaced was a Coleman.  You know Coleman = CAMPING GEAR!  The furnace that was heating our two story house and basement was made for a TRAILER!  Yes, you read that correctly.  Grrrrrrrrr….

A/C update

On Monday, we got our new A/C & furnace.  YIPPEE!!  The kids slept in their own beds in their own rooms Monday night.  They still wanted to sleep on our floor.  Ummm  NO!  LOL!!

We managed over the weekend and Monday was actually cooler outside anyway.  Go figure.  But we now have an efficient A/C, an efficient furnace, efficient windows and efficient doors.  We’ll soon have a new roof with ridge vents.  We are NOT moving out of this house anytime soon.