Thursday 13: 13 baseball cards

I was recently given some of my things back from my parents house.

Here are 13 baseball cards that I found.  All are Topps 40 years of baseball (1991).  All Cubs players.

  1. Luis Salazar; OF-3B
  2. Greg Smith; 2B-3B
  3. Dave Clark ; OF
  4. Marvell Wynne; OF
  5. Derrick May; OF
  6. Jerome Walton; OF
  7. Bill Long; P
  8. Les Lancaster; P
  9. Steve Wilson; P
  10. Mitch Williams; P
  11. Lance Dickson; P
  12. Mike Harkey; P
  13. Mike Bielecki; P
  14. Jeff Pico; P

Ok, so there’s 14 there.  These are the names that make me go “Who?”  I do have others, Joe Girardi, Rick Sutcliffe, Paul Assenmacher (Not sure why I remember him), Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace, Greg Maddux & Jody Davis.

I can’t WAIT for baseball to start.

Thursday 13


Stupid Cubs.  They folded like a cheap suit.  Fell like a house of cards.  They choked and no one was there to perform the Heimlich maneuver.  The team with the best record in baseball gets swept out of the playoffs.  AGAIN.
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F F Friday (19)

Still plugging and chugging with Fucking Floral Friday with Saintseester.
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Well, the Cubs did it!  They made it to the post-season by winning Saturday.  The game was another good one azgainst St. Louis.  The Cubs won their final home game of the regular season.  7 games left.  Four in New York and 3 in Milwaukee.

And then it was two.

The Cubs won a thrilling extra inning game today.  They were down 6-2 going into the bottom of the 9th.  Soto tied the game in the bottom of the 9th forcing extra innings.  It only took 3 extra innings before Lee hit the game winning single.

With the Cubs win, the magic number is TWO!