Today’s plans..

Have been altered. We aren’t finishing out popcorn delivers due to tornado warnings. We’ve taken cover, and now they have passed. Though now we are without power. I’m thankful for gas stoves and LTE coverage.

edited to add: Since we had no power, we ended up going out to deliver popcorn anyway.  most of it was delivered.


Saturday night 11/2

Last weekend, the boy and I went camping with a local Boy Scout troop. It was cold, but we had a good time.

One of the things we participated in was a flag retirement ceremony. They had several bags of American Flags to retire. Most were the regular size flags, five humongous size flags, and a handful of little ones. Each of the boys retired a flag. It was very moving.

The next morning, several of the boys were helping pick out the grommets do they could be buried in an undisclosed place to honor the fallen.

Thank you. To all who have served and is serving.

This time last week

I was camping with the boy visiting a local Boy Scout troop. He learned about tent set up and care; rope making and whipping, and how to properly start and extinguish a fire. All before lunch.

After lunch, we went on a hike around the lake, about 3.5 miles. But we were in the road.

It was a great weekend, but it was cold!