Thursday 13: 13 favorite songs

These are my 13 favorite songs, in no particular order.  though I guess they are mostly the ballads.

  1. “Amazed”; Lonestar
  2. “Anything for You”; Gloria Estefan
  3. “When the Children Cry”; Whitesnake
  4. “So Close”; Hall & Oates
  5. “I’ll be There for You”; Bon Jovi
  6. “Annie’s song”; John Denver
  7. “Babe”; Styx
  8. “American Pie”; Don Mclean
  9. “Right Here Waiting for You”; Richard Marx
  10. “Summer of ’69”; Bryan Adams
  11. “Cherokee Highway”; Western Flyer
  12. “Open Arms”; Journey
  13. “Broken Wings”; Mr. Mister

Thursday 13

Thursday 13: no name

Nothing special today….  Something a little light.  I really need light today.
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My most favorite tape

Sorry that this has taken a while.  My tape player in my home decided it didn’t want to work anymore.  😦  

This is the original of my most favorite mix tapes.  For some reason (probably because we played it to death) we had to remake, but the remake wasn’t the exact copy of the original.  I’ll list the original and then copy as well

This is the original playlist

  • American Pie
  • Good Golly Miss Molly
  • Elvira
  • The Joker
  • You can Call Me Al
  • Love Potion #9
  • My Boyfriend’s Back
  • Summertime Blues (The original, not Alan Jackson)
  • Shake Rattle and Roll
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Foxy Lady
  • Keep Your Hands to Yourself
  • 3 AM Eternal
  • Tutti Fruitti
  • Feed my Frankenstein
  • Hippy, Hippy Shake
  • Friends in Low Places
  • Things that make you go Hmmm….

That was the original.  When I remade it, I couldn’t find some of the albums, so I had to put different songs on it.  Side 2 starts with Bohemian Rhapsody and was heavily influenced by the movie Wayne’s World.

  • American Pie
  • Good Golly Miss Molly
  • Elvira
  • The Joker
  • You can Call Me Al
  • Love Potion #9
  • Summer Time Blues
  • Shake Rattle and Roll
  • Love is Strange (from the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack)
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Foxy Lady
  • Tutti Fruitti
  • Feed My Frankenstein
  • Hippy Hippy Shake
  • Friends in Low Places
  • 3 AM Eternal
  • Keep Your Hands to Yourself
  • Things That make you go Hmm…
  • Music, part 3

    Here are tapes 5 & 6.  The are both tapes I made freshman year in college, 1993-1994, from two other girls who had a TON of tapes in their collections.

    Tape 5:

    • I want Action
    • Dr. Feel Good
    • Smells Like Teen Spirit
    • Enter Sandman
    • Fight for your Right
    • Rock you like a Hurricane
    • Kiss me Deadly
    • I Hate Myself for Loving You
    • Big Ten Inch, record
    • Unskinny Bop
    • Smokin’ in the Boys Room
    • Dude Looks Like a Lady
    • Fallen Angel
    • Your Mama Don’t Dance
    • Nothing But a Good Time
    • Joyride
    • Girls, Girls, Girls
    • Ragdoll
    • Poison
    • Play that Funky Music
    • Tom’s Diner
    • Summer of ’69

    Tape 6 (I affectionately call my depressing music, you’ll see why)

    • Heavan
    • When the Children Cry
    • I remember You
    • 18 & Life
    • Every Rose
    • High Enough
    • Bed of Roses
    • November Rain
    • Sister Christian
    • Knocking on Heaven’s Door
    • There’ll be Sad Songs
    • Somebody
    • Child of Mine
    • Blaze of Glory
    • Heart of Rock n Roll
    • Live and Let Die
    • Don’t Cry
    • When the Going Gets Tough
    • Oh Sherrie

    Music, part 2

    Here’s two more tapes from my mix collection.  Tape 3 is from the radio and tape 4 is from what I already had.  Mostly B sides from single.

    Tape 3:

    • Jerkout
    • Heart of Stone
    • Something to believe in
    • Rhythm Nation
    • Tell Me What it Takes to let you Go
    • Pray
    • Children of the Night
    • Come on and Get my Love
    • Theives in the Temple
    • Pump up the Jam
    • Ready or Not
    • Keep From Loving You
    • Sending All my Love
    • I Don’t Know Why I Go to Extreme’s
    • Back on My Feet Again
    • What Kind of Man
    • Unchained Melodies
    • Unskinny Bop
    • From a Distance
    • I’m Your Baby Tonight
    • After All
    • No More Lies
    • Love Songs (I know)
    • Romeo
    • Everybody

    Tape 4: 

    • Wading Through The Darkness
    • Born to be Wild
    • Neighbor
    • Cowboy Logic (Michael Martin Murphy)
    • Baby Got Back
    • Cats In the Cradle (Ugly Kid Joe version)
    • Friends in Low Places
    • Wasted Rock Ranger (LOL!!)
    • Cake Boy (B Side to Baby Got Back)
    • Should I stay or Should I Go
    • Feed my Frankenstein
    • I Hate Everything about you (With intro by Pat from SNL!)
    • Shameless
    • I Love you Period
    • Buck Naked (Hank Williams Jr.)
    • We Will Rock You (I did not record We Are the Champions)
    • Where do Cowboys go When they Die/Reincarnation
    • Drive (REM)
    • Help I’m White and I can’t Get Down (Are very funny song!!)

    Okay people, which list format do you like better?

    Music, a series

    The other day I was driving and I popped in a tape (Yes, I still listen to those) in my van (Yes my van has a casette tape player and I love it!).  I was expecting to hear American Pie but instead I heard my son giggling and saying dadadadadadadada.  It made me smile.

    Soon American Pie came on and I listened to the rest of my tape.  After I got home, I dragged out all my other tapes.  Especially those mix tapes that I made listening ot the radio.  Admit it, you did it too.  Here I’ll post some of those playlists for you to look at.  Some of the titles aren’t exact.  How many of these songs do you remember?

    Tape 1: 

    • American Pie
    • Call me Al
    • Born to be Wild
    • Everything I Do
    • So Close
    • Hippy Hippy Shake
    • Friends in Low Places
    • Bohemian Rhapsody
    • Just take my Heart
    • Look Away
    • Foxy Lady
    • To Be With You
    • Heaven in Your Eyes
    • She’s Like the Wind

    Tape 2

    • Visions of Love
    • I’ll be Your Everything
    • So Close
    • I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love
    • Heaven a Place on Earth
    • The Way You do the Things you Do
    • I’ll be Your Shelter
    • Poison
    • How am I supposed to Live Without Your Love
    • Love Takes Time
    • It must have been Love
    • Another Day In Paradise
    • Stand By Me
    • Tom’s Diner
    • Butt Crack (a parody of Love Shack)
    • When the Children Cry
    • I’ll be There for You
    • I Miss You
    • Bartman
    • Can’t Touch This
    • Escapade
    • Blaze of Glory
    • Ice, Ice Baby
    • Janey’s got a gun
    • Hold On
    • Do Me

    I know that I hear many of these on the radio still (Thanks Bob & R Dub!)