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Here’s where I’ll keep track of those out of the ordinary search terms.  Excluding those for breastfeeding husbands.  Thanks to Jimmy Cracked Corn (Maybe he should change his name to Jimmy’s on cracked corn) I’m getting tons of hits for breastfeeding husbands and breastfeeding husband photos.

9/04/08:  : lady inserting critters This was a search term for my now pretty-much-defunct-other-blog.  But still  WTF???

8/18/08:  chicago mk’s + 1 banana 2 banana 3 banan  What??

7/23/08:  loser has to wear a diaper  LOL!!!!  This was searched not once, but twice!!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!

7/15/08:  tonsils out coloring pages  WTF!?!?!? 

7/11/08:  someone found me by searching Funky.  Not sure what they found.  I was looking for what they found and went through 20 pages and didn’t see my blog!  LOL!!  Oh!  They found when I was growing up post and my awards page.  I googled itisjustallaboutme and Funky.  LOL!!  I wonder what page it was on for funky…

6/05/08:  Quirkability!  How fun is that?

4/28/07:  when did guess what chicken butt mike my  I can only imagine what they were searching for…

4/18/08:  Someone found me by searching dana carvey singing cutting broccoli.  Get with it.  It’s CHOPPING Broccoli…

3/25/07:  Here’s a funny term:  sodium laurel sulphate in eggos

3/20/07:  I keep getting search terms In Arabic!  The same two:  ارضاع الزوج صور  Which roughly translates to: Breast Husband Photos.  The other one is ارضاع الزوج Which roughly translates to Breast Husband.  I guess the more I talk about it, the more it will come up.  LOL. 

Here’s another funny one that showed up today:  stationary bikes sore butts

3/6/07:  Here’s a curious one:  why doctors accountable to work sitting  The funny thing, when I searched it, my Birth stories pages pops up!  LOL!!

 3/4/08:  jimmy cracked core 

2/23/08:  husband cracked corn  Not sure what they actually found!!

2/17/08:  anal drainer  Not sure what they are searching for But I think this post is what they found…

17 Responses

  1. Here’s my latest interesting search term:


    But, wouldn’t you know, it is the toll free Mary Kay number. Still thought it was funny.

  2. and your search term there is hilarious!

  3. Here’s my latest oddball:

    mover job

  4. Mover job? LOL You startin another part time job there shades?

    You know, it might be better than your current job! LOL!! 😀 ~Accountable

  5. Just about any job would be better than the one I got. 😛

  6. OK anal drainer has got to be one of the all time zingers of a search….guess I need to pray for a de-clogger for that person… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Ok, best not go there… hahahahahha

  7. I haven’t had any lately. I have the often Can’t Poop that takes them to a story about Patch being unable to poop-lol!

  8. “now she’s choppin’…broccoli…choppin broccoleh… she chop- uh! choppin broccoleh-heh-heh-heh-EEEEE!” LOVE that skit!

    and anal drainer? rofl! did you talk about Ali or something? (That weight loss drug that says “may cause anal seepage”).

    It was in one of my meme’s posts. I think I linked to it. LOL!! ~R

  9. OMG….Anal drainer?! I get some seriously whacked out search terms, but that one just may top them all !

    Honestly… I think that one is my favorite because it is SOOOOO out there! 😀 ~R

  10. okay, you are going to HAVE to explain the “breastfeeding husbands” thing to me!!!!!

  11. This is TOO funny. It amazes me how some people think (and what they look for on the internet).

  12. As far as I can tell, I’m pretty sure they are searching for “breastfeeding husbands” in the literal sense. Now Why would anyone want photos of said act, I’m not sure.

    The oddest part of it all, is that it’s a search in arabic that I’ve been getting. I guess I’ve been pretty open about breastfeeding and weaning is why I’ve been getting hits about it.

  13. […] Randomability @ 2:38 pm I don’t get near the fun search terms on this blog as I do on Randomability, but this one came in today and I thought it was pretty […]

  14. Okay, my interest was piqued so i did a google search. WOW. Turns out men have mammary glands (albeit small) and actually DO have the ability to lactate. Some men have successfully breastfed their children. For reals. I had NO clue.

  15. This was very interesting. It is like people (on some of these results) are just punching in random words. I think I am going to have to learn how to track the search terms for my various blogs and the lodge website, then blog about if I find any weird ones.

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