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So long 2013

I can’t say it’s been a particularly good year over all.

The good:  We took two really great family vacations.

  • Over Spring break, we went to California.  While there, we went to the California  Science Center (saw the Endeavour which was way cool), California Adventure Park, and DisneyLand.  Awesome trip, though the girl came back with a sinus infection.
  • First week of June, we went to Florida.  Spent a couple of days on Anna Maria Island.  We went parasailing with the kids (they loved it), visited Mote Marine Laboratory during tropical storm Andrea and ate a lot of ice cream.  After, we went up to Orlando.  There we did SeaWorld, Aqautica, and Discovery Cove.  The kids loved it all.  There were a few slides the kids couldn’t go on, but there were a few that the boy didn’t want to go on, but we made him.  He ended up loving it.  And as par, the girl came back with swimmers ear.

The bad:  Lots of loss.  I lost an uncle, a cousin, a friends mom, a friend, and a distant cousin of sorts (a cousin lost a cousin on the other side).

The ugly: I’m sick.

I did lose my job too (RIF’ed), but I’ve been looking and with the time, I’ve also been training for a half marathon.

Here’s to 2014 and that it may not be so stinky as 2013.


It happened again…

The dreams.  The tooth falling out dreams.  I had one last night.  It started out as a wiggly tooth, but it just came out.  At least I was at the dentist!  the big difference between these new dreams and the old ones seems to be instead of multiple or all of me teeth falling out, it’s just one tooth.   Very weird.

Here’s the other dream.  Funny I labeled the post the same!!

anyone know what teeth/tooth falling out dreams mean??

Sleeping with the windows open

Here it is.  June 1st.  We have yet to turn on the AC.  Yippee!!  We’ve been leaving the windows open overnight to cool off the house and closing them around 7 or so before the sun heats everything up too much.  We’ve been pretty comfortable.

Saturday night, was one of those nights we had our windows open.  I was told (because I slept through it) that our across the street neighbor started his motorcycle about 11:00 PM.  Revved it loud a few times, rode it round around the block and gunned it.  I slept through it.  Hubby did not.

For some reason, I can sleep through the loud stuff, except the weather radio, and wake up when the kids cough.  I guess that’s a mom thing.  🙂

Have a great week!

Happy New Year!

We promptly fell asleep just before 10:00 CST.  Hubby and I didn’t even make it up to watch the ball drop at 11:00.  Baby Girl woke up screaming just before 1:00 am, so we were awake for the New Year to roll over in the Mountain time zone.

She puked.  All.  Over.  her. bedding.  Fortunately her sleep friends were spared of the pukey-ness.  I remember going into our bedroom to get hubby and I think I said, “Clean-up.  Aisle Baby Girl”.

After she settled down and cleaned up, we snuggled in the rocking chair and she fell asleep.  Then I rang in the New Year in the Pacific time zone.  I fell back asleep.  Not quite an hour later, she woke up crying again.  This time she was dry heaving.  ughhh…  Awake again for Alaska to ring in the New Year.

I hope this is no indication of how 2009 is going to go.

Happy New Year, all!