I guess I’ve turned lately to be a Chicago Sports blog…

Devin Hester held out for a contract extension at the beginning of the year.  Now he’s out with a rib injury.  coincendence?

And then it was two.

The Cubs won a thrilling extra inning game today.  They were down 6-2 going into the bottom of the 9th.  Soto tied the game in the bottom of the 9th forcing extra innings.  It only took 3 extra innings before Lee hit the game winning single.

With the Cubs win, the magic number is TWO!


I don’t understand…

The Cubs are now 83-50.  YEAH CUBS!!  The sports announcers state that they are 33 games above .500.  I don’t get that.  Shouldn’t it be 16.5 games over .500?  If they lost all those games, they wouldn’t be at .500.

Da Cubs

Okay.  The Cubs swept at home the 20th-22nd.  For me to win the bet, the Cubs would have to win one more game.  That didn’t happen.  The Cubs were swept this weekend, the 27th-29th.  That means we both lost the bet.  SGEP will be writing a post about the Cubs and I’ll be writing a post about the Sox.  Look for it in the coming days…

Random search

Okay,  This is too funny to NOT post about.  A couple people found my blog by searching these two terms:

  • Breastfeeding zoo coloring  (2 hits)
  • Sport and easy birth            (2 hits)

I only hope that whomever was searching found(?) what they were looking for!!