15 minutes a day

On my other blog, I am challenging myself to 15 minutes of fitness daily.  Anyone else want to join me?


Stupid Cubs.  They folded like a cheap suit.  Fell like a house of cards.  They choked and no one was there to perform the Heimlich maneuver.  The team with the best record in baseball gets swept out of the playoffs.  AGAIN.
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F F Friday (19)

Still plugging and chugging with Fucking Floral Friday with Saintseester.
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We’ve bowled for two weeks now.  First week (9/5) we bowled blind, against no team.  If I remember correctly, I did okay and established my average.  Games:  106 (respectable for me); 80 something; and 60 something.  My average for that night was established at 86.  We ended up taking 4 points of 4.

Last Friday (9/19) we bowled again.  First game was 103; 86; and 134!  YEAH!!!  I had a decent game that last game.  I had a double!!  We took 3 of 4.

By the time we got home, both kids were in bed and asleep.  Our league is supposed to start at 7:00, but most of the time it doesn’t start until 7:30.  There is a mixed league that bowls before we do.

Oh and YEAH CUBS!!!!


Well, the Cubs did it!  They made it to the post-season by winning Saturday.  The game was another good one azgainst St. Louis.  The Cubs won their final home game of the regular season.  7 games left.  Four in New York and 3 in Milwaukee.