Photo hunt: Black

I wanted to get a cool weather shot, but ut has been nice and sunny here the last week.

shredded black tire mulch

So you get an up close of shredded black tier mulch.   It was either that or my black toes from running.



Photo Hunt: Addiction

I guess you can say that I’m addicted to 5K’s.

Here are my race bibs:

Yes, I keep my race numbers.  I write the names of the race, date and times on the back.  🙂  I’m linking to my other blog where I’ve posted about the races.

182:  Women’s fitness 5K

595:  Jingle Bell Run

117:  Miller Park Stampede

147:  St. Patrick’s day 5K

8073:  CCHS Saints Alive 5K

Now I’ve gotta go!!  I have a 5K in 2 hours.  Come back soon!

More Photohunt

edited to add:  race today is posted.  bib# 1020:  Born Learning Trail 5K

Photohunt: Average

The trees after an average snow


Photohunt: Spotted

I know it’s not my best photo…

Our backyard is Spotted with Rabbit tracks

Much better photo of our spotted yard!


PhotoHunt: Lick

Pulling one from out my personal photo archives!

When we were growing up, we had tons of pets. One of the dogs (Doobie) and one of the cats (Suzy) had litters about the same time.  Suzy looks just like the little black and white kitty in the above picture.

There’s also a funny story relating to the birth of the kitty’s.  I shared a room with my sister and we had bunk beds.  I slept on the top and she slept on the bottom.  One night we had a sitter stay overnight with us, she slept on the hide-a-bed in the living room.  That night, I woke up and heard my sister meowing like a cat and wouldn’t stop, so I went to tell on her.

The sitter told me that she wasn’t in her bed because the cat puked on her bed, so she was sleeping out there.  I joined them.  We find out in the morning that Suzy birthed her kittens in my sister’s bed!  We didn’t even know she was pregnant!  LOL!!

Anyway, Happy New Years and click for more PhotoHunt

Photo hunt: garbage

I wasn’t sure about this theme, until I looked out the window.


Garbage…  In my yard.  a bottle rocket.


Photohunt: Pink

Taken with my cellphone.


Look at all the girly pink!!  Pink shirt, pink sandals.  She wanted the Diego bike helmet.  We just got it yesterday.  Her old one was falling apart.  It also came with knee/elbow pads.  🙂