PhotoHunt: Natural

Naturally, what I planted didn’t sprout, but this volunteer did!

Our volunteer


Anyone want any little tomatoes?  None of eat them!

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Photohunt: Orange

After spending a long weekend in WI, and even after posting a sunset photo already, here is another orange sunset.

The cabin with an orange glow from the sunset.  Probably Sunday or Monday evening.

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photohunt: Free

So after a few weeks off, here I’m back with Photohunt.

Now that the kids are all buckled up, we are free to go on out ride.  Or, the feet are free to roam when my feet are doing the pedaling!


Photo hunt: sparkle

Not a recent photo mind you.

Look at how the sun sparkles on the lake…

Lake Lucerne, WI.  2001


Photohunt: Monthly

I thought to myself, what am I ever going to do for this one. the only thing that really popped in my mind was… well, you know, but I could NEVER take a picture of that! Then I thought about it a bit more and then AHA!! I have a photo!
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Photohunt: half

I thought about a couple different takes on this theme… the half eaten meal, the half-ass job the city is doing filling the potholes. But I eventually decided on a Iris that half bloomed.

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Photohunt: Mother

I was going to get a few everyday things together that remind me of my Grandma. A piece of Swiss cheese, fresh green beans, crusts of peanut butter toast. That went by the wayside this week when Baby Girl got a fever Wednesday morning. She’s been out of school since then.

Instead, you’ll get a picture of grapes. My mother brought them Wednesday when she came to watch Baby Girl for a bit so I could run out to buy new non-recalled medicine.