Happy Thanksgiving

For those that celebrate, happy Thanksgiving! For those that don’t, carry in. Nothing to see here.

I hope

That all the people moaning about stores being open on Thanksgiving day plan on getting all the ingredients before hand and don’t forget anything. I’d really hate for them to have to run to the store for that one must have dish.

I’d also hope that those same people aren’t planning on going to or watching any sporting events that day. The concession workers, ticket takers, and ushers should really spend the day with family. Not to mention the athletes who have to play & the TV crews.


Christmas lights up? Check
Christmas tree up? Check

Lights won’t be turned on until after Thanksgiving. We had a decent day, so the lights went up. The tree is up, but won’t be decorated until after Thanksgiving.


We bowled. I had a respectable for me series, all over average. I even started all three games with a spare. Yay me!!

I am now singing songs from Grease II. You’re welcome.

Thursday 13: More Kindle Books read

I believe I have 427 books on my Kindle.  Most of them fall in the Thriller genre.  I hope to get them all read.  Here’s 13 more that I’ve finished and loved.

  1. Black Flagged; Steven Konkoly.  I just finished this one.
  2. Vigilante; Claude Bouchard.  There are 7 books so far in this series.  I’ve read them all and loved every one.
  3. Blacklisted; Luke Romyn
  4. The Dark Path; Luke Romyn
  5. Empire (In Her Name: Redemption); Michael Hicks.  He has written three trilogy’s, I’ve read 2 of them so far.
  6. Don’t Shoot! I’m Just the Avon Lady!; Birdie Jaworski
  7. A Night to Remember; Walter Lord.
  8. Goodbye to All That; Judith Arnold
  9. Smart Mouth Waitress, A Romantic Comedy; Dalya Moon
  10. The Dirty Parts of the Bible – A Novel; Sam Torode (This was pretty good and not what it seems)
  11. The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow; Joyce Magnin
  12. Charlotte Figgs Takes over Paradise; Joyce Magnin
  13. Shit My Dad Says; Justin Halpern

Thursday 13