Here it is!

I read Blondie in yesterday’s paper and nearly died laughing…

An old post from 2008… where I admit I can wiggle one of my toes independently of my others.. ūüėČ Do you want to see a short video of me wiggling my one toe?


Since I live in the great state of Illinois (where our governor’s make our license plates) I just HAD to share this with everyone.

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

time sucker

time sucker

Good luck and have fun.

Deb, this is for you!

I’ve been reading Deb’s blog for a while now and I am in complete awe of her determination to ride her bike to work, no matter what the weather.

There was an article in our Sunday paper about US Mapping out roadways for bicyclists and thought of her.  There is a photo of the Northstar tour, riding from Missoula, Montana to Denali National park.  Fun!

And then there’s this.¬† Deb, you can attach this to your bike and then when you get to work, you can enjoy a smoothie!

funny stuff

At least to me.¬† I know that there’s an actual term for this, and I can’t remember what it is.¬† It’s what you hear the words of a song versus what the actual words are.

Here’s a couple of mine, the couple that came to mind right away.¬† See if you can figure what the actual words are.¬† I’ll update this post a bit later, so check back in.

  1. Hush.  Keep it down now, Mrs. Cary. Later I thought  Hush.  Keep it down now.  This is scary.
  2. Two Hot, hot!
  3. Secret Asian man.

Check back later…


Okay. I was watching Da Bears on Fox. I see an ad for Hole in The Wall!¬† OMG!!¬† I am SO watching the first night.¬† I immediatley IM’ed SGEP¬†for the heads-up.¬† Momisodes also posted the video.¬† I can’t wait to see the American version.

Critters everywhere!

The Critters are everywhere!!

This little female cardinal was trying really hard to fly in our basement window.  Tap.  Tap.  Tap I would hear as she was flying into the window.  After I took her picture, she was gone.

Wednesday morning, I opened the garage to pull the car in, so we could get into the car without getting too wet.¬† I closed the door when we left.¬† When I came home, I saw this.¬† This little bird was sitting in Little Man’s bicycle helmet!¬† I took a picture then shooed the bird away.¬† But the little bird didn’t get very far.

I was able to walk right past the little bird before it finally hopped away.

This morning and evening, a cat was visiting us.¬† It was a very fat orange and white tabby.¬† I think it thought he lived here.¬† When¬†I went to shoo it away, it wanted to rub up against my leg!¬† The cat spent most of the day under our porch.¬† I’ll be checking the classifieds daily for a lost cat.¬† We’ll see what happens.

We also have a chipmunk or ground squirrel¬†or two living under our driveway.¬† I haven’t been able to get a good picture of it yet.¬†