Oye it’s been a while…

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything.  We recently bought a new camera.  A decent one, not a P&S camera.  One that I want to learn to use.  Here are a few pictures I’ve taken.  I guess this could be a FFF photo, though it’s not Friday…

I’ve got some learning to do!

Wordless Wednesday: Lily of the Valley

More Wordless Wednesday

F F Friday (22)

Here it is Friday again!  Time for Fall Foliage Friday with Saintseester.

These are the fall leaves of our new tree.  🙂  Hope everyone is staying warm and dry.

F F Friday (19)

Still plugging and chugging with Fucking Floral Friday with Saintseester.
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F F Friday (18)

I’m late!!  I have good reason!  I haven’t been home.  This year is my classes 15 year reunion and the parade was this afternoon.  I was there.  My and one other girl from my class of approx. 99 was there.  Anyway, here I am posting for Fucking Floral Friday with Saintseester.

early in the year

early in the year

These were the Mother’s day geraniums from our church.  In planted them in the ground and they are doing VERY well!

Thrusday morning

Thrusday morning

F F Friday (12)

Here we are again!  It’s time for Fucking Floral Friday with Saintseester!  Oh, before I forget…  Last weekend the in-laws came with some flowers for our yard.  With MIL’s help, we planted them.  In the morning, it was kind of drizzly!  but it was good.  The beds were weeded and we have some new flowers.  I believe that some were from Hubby’s grandparents gardens.  🙂

A lovely flower poking through my fence.

on the yard side.

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The garden boxes

The radishes have all be harvested.  Some eaten, but most not.  Only Hubby likes radishes!  LOL..  Oh well.

The carrots have sprouted, but no carrots to eat yet.  They ought to be thinned.  We are doing good to water them most days.