search update

Thanks to my non-medicated friend I had this search come up:  ارضاع الزوج صور

I’ve checked with a couple translation sites:

  • World Star Translator:  Nursing of the husband is masts
  • Google Translate:  Breast husband photos
  • Applied Languages:  Nursing of the husband is images

Thanks, Jimmy.

Being funny

Okay as promised.  This is what my friend searched to find my blog.  I think he forgot to take his meds today.

  • breastfeeding grampa accountability
  • peanut butter breast accountability
  • husband breastfeeding Margaritas weaned
  • Whoo Hoo husband weaned
  • breastfeeding husband accountability
  • Tylenol breastfeeding accountability
  • mega squatting
  • squeezing my ears and nose independently
  • white cotton underpants wiggle
  • england shower space heater yoga
  • doobie caravan skinny birth
  • cardio grampa birth stories

The ones in red and green were searched by my un-medicated friend after my original post!  😀 

Random search

Okay,  This is too funny to NOT post about.  A couple people found my blog by searching these two terms:

  • Breastfeeding zoo coloring  (2 hits)
  • Sport and easy birth            (2 hits)

I only hope that whomever was searching found(?) what they were looking for!!


Well, after 25 months, Baby Girl is finally weaned!! 

This means:
~~  I can take something stronger than Tylenol &  Robetussin.

~~  I can stop taking prenatal vitamins and start taking regular vitamins.

~~  I can drink to excess (Not that I really did before, but still!)

~~  I can eat peanut butter in large quantities with it affecting Baby Girl.

~~  My husband can put Baby Girl done for bedtime now.

So, do you think that after 4 1/2 years of nursing two kids with 6  months off in between that I’m exctied to be finally done?  HELL YES!!!

Don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t change extended mursing for anything else in the world. I was done.  Baby Girl didn’t need it anymore.  The last 6 months or so she was nursing primarily before bedtime and naptime.  She is sleeping so much better now.  YIPPEE!!!!!