Okay. I was watching Da Bears on Fox. I see an ad for Hole in The Wall!  OMG!!  I am SO watching the first night.  I immediatley IM’ed SGEP for the heads-up.  Momisodes also posted the video.  I can’t wait to see the American version.

Lady Language Blog

Lady Language is having some GREAT giveaways again for their 2 year anniversary.  So git on over, leave comments and go help them celebrate and maybe even WIN!!

Oh, Attitude of Gratitude is on hold for July (with Mama-Om that is), although I am grateful that my toughest problem last night was “Where do we go after dinner?  Do we bike to one of the two spraygrounds or do we drive the car to the pool?”  The kids chose the pool!

One last thing.  When I insert a link, do you prefer to open in the SAME window or a NEW window??

Da Cubs

Okay.  The Cubs swept at home the 20th-22nd.  For me to win the bet, the Cubs would have to win one more game.  That didn’t happen.  The Cubs were swept this weekend, the 27th-29th.  That means we both lost the bet.  SGEP will be writing a post about the Cubs and I’ll be writing a post about the Sox.  Look for it in the coming days…

F F Friday

Good day everyone!  I am going to try to post F F Friday (Fucking Floral Friday), an inspiration from Saintseester.



This is a flower in our front yard…  not really sure what it is, but here it is.  Maybe this will be a weekly thing or a whenever I F’ing feeling like F F Friday!  LOL!!

Lady Language

One of the blogs that I read, Thanks to this Quirky Jessi post, is Lady Language.  They are celebrating their one year Bloggiversary with a great give away and I wanna win!  LOL!!  So here I am linking.  They always have fantabuolous give away’s.