Where were you…

… when the world stopped turning?  I was in the hospital, recovering from an RF ablation to straighten up my heart from experiencing PVC’s.

Mom was in my room with me.  We hadn’t turned the TV on, as I was waiting to be discharged.  My sister called my Mom FREAKING OUT.  So we turned on the TV.  At the time, my step dad was stationed in the Pentagon.  Luckily for us, he was across the river at Coast Guard Headquarters.  He was able to make two calls, the first to his parents letting him know that he was okay.  The second to Mom to tell her don’t come back.
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Lady Language Blog

Lady Language is having some GREAT giveaways again for their 2 year anniversary.  So git on over, leave comments and go help them celebrate and maybe even WIN!!

Oh, Attitude of Gratitude is on hold for July (with Mama-Om that is), although I am grateful that my toughest problem last night was “Where do we go after dinner?  Do we bike to one of the two spraygrounds or do we drive the car to the pool?”  The kids chose the pool!

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Attitude of Gratitude (6)

Attitude of Gratitude

This week, I am grateful (once again) to be working at home.  This allows me to work while my kids are sick and I don’t get too far behind in work.  Those with a week stomach, stop here.  Don’t read any further…
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Attitude of Gratitude (5)

Attitude of Gratitude

It’s that time of the week again!  What am I grateful for? 

I am grateful for the sun shining.  We are able to go on bike rides and to the park.  We turn off the TV and spend more time outside.  (I know, I’ve kind of done this one before).

I am grateful for aloe vera gel for sunburns.

I am grateful my health and my family’s health is good.

What are you grateful for?

Attitude of Gratitude (4)

Here we are.  It’s Wednesday again.  Time for Attitude of gratitude, hostess-ed by Mama-Om.

Attitude of Gratitude

Today I am grateful for the kindness of strangers.  

Yesterday evening, I took Baby Girl to the park.  Not just any park, but the park that was the spray grounds for the little kids.  I forgot that they might have the water going, so we were unprepared.  No swim diaper, no extra diapers, no swim suit, no towel.  I was able to strip her down to her diaper and take of her shoes and sock.  We dried off in the bathroom, with the air bloowers.  But the thing was the diaper/swim diaper thing.  Any parent knows that a regular diaper just soaks water and becomes 10 times heavier.  I ended asking another parent if they had an extra swim diaper, and he did.  He not only brought me one, but two.  The diaper would have been okay for the ride home, it was only a little bit wet, but he brought me two.  one for now and one for the ride home.  Thank you!

I am also thankful that 5 years ago, my son was kind to me.  He was a fairly easy birth.  Story on my Birth pages.  🙂