Birth stories

Share your stories here.  It’s always interesting to hear everyone’s story.  The journey of Labor and delivery are all different, yet the outcome is all the same.  The birth of our child/ren.

The birth of my son:

My first born was an easy birth, as far as first borns go.  There isn’t much to say about it other than I was in labor for approx. 6 hours and pushed for only 20 minutes.  I didn’t have an epidural, nor did I want one and I did most of my laboring in a tub.  I think even if I had wanted an epi, there wouldn’t have been time for it.

I lost my mucus plug that morning, so I don’t go into work unt 8:15 or 8:30 or so.  I’d been feeling like crap all day.  If we didn’t have a meeting about who would take my jobs when I was on leave, I would have stayed home.

I started having what felt like cramps right around 6:00ish and feeling like I had to go pee every 5 minutes.  By the time we got to the hospital, around 9:30, they were 3 minutes apart.  They tell you to get to the hospital when contractions are 5 minutes apart.  Oopsie!!  So they do all of my paper work and I sit on the birthing ball for a while.  Once all is done, they check me again and into the tub I go.  I am in the tub for the duration of the laboring and then I get “the urge” to push.  the only problem?  I’m still in the tub and at the time, they do not allow water births.  😦

So out of the tub and onto a bed.  I pushed for only 20 minutes and there he is.  It was really great, especially for being my first. 

The birth of my daughter:

My first born was pretty quick (roughly 6 hours from start to finish), so I was spoiled.  I was hoping that my daughter would go half as well and I’d be sitting pretty.

I had my doctors appointment that Tuesday afternoon and I was very uncomfortable.  I could tell that she had dropped.  My thighs were hitting the bottom of my belly as I would go up the stairs.  My doctor confirmed that I was at plus 1 station, walking around at 4 cm dialated and pretty thinned out.  He was amazed that she was still in there.  We had made plans to be induced on Thursday if she didn’t come out on her own by then.  I was THAT uncomfortable.

Well, 5:00 rolls around and I feel this labor pang.  About 20 minutes later another one.  They keep coming, but a little closer every time.  6:30, we head to the hospital as they are about 7-10 minutes apart.  I get checked in and the nurses start my paper work.

The nurse checks me and OOPS!!  She breaks my water and now labor is fast and furious.  To finish up the paper work and all the pre-stuff, they tag team me.  The one nurse had one heck of a time trying to get my IV in and it’s not like my veins are bad.

My doctor is here and he tells me that I can start pushing in about 10 minutes.  I do and at 8:12, my daughter arrives!!  I was so lucky that her labor was half as long as my son’s. 

Can you believe it?  2 kids and I haven’t even been in labor for 10 hours COMBINED!!  We joke that if I were to get pregnant again, then I would have to spend the last week at the hospital.  Otherwise people might be reading about how I gave birth in a car at the gas station!!

Please share your story or link to yours here!

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  1. Nah, just do homebirth next time…no worries! I’ll tell my stories one day soon…I have 4 and they are all not medicated/homebirths so I’ll need some time to get them all straight and write ’em down for you. I love birth stories too, babe…they rock.

  2. Accountable, I just saw this! I didn’t realize you had written out your birth stories. I am going to tell mine this month, too. I love birth stories. I read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth when I was pregnant with my first child to inspire me. I was in Japan and very scared so it wasn’t idyllic, but I did manage a natural birth.

  3. Here is two aweome birth stories (same blog)

    Mama-om Mica’s story
    Mama-On Orlando’s story

  4. Ooooh, I love birth stories! Here is mine….

    Everyday Yogini’s birth story

    Thank you for sharing!! That is pretty cool. I too love hearing everyone’s stories. ~Accountable

  5. I hope you don’t mind, I linked to your birth stories page in my post about homebirth here.
    Jenn’s Homebirth story

    Incoming links are always welcome! 🙂 ~Accountable

  6. I should have known nothing was going to be easy with me. On the way to the hospital we were stopped at a drinking and driving road block. My husband was white as a ghost, driving and trying to time contractions. I had my feet braced on the dashboard and was panting and puffing away. The policeman stuck his head in the window and asked if anyone was drinking. My husband sweating and white said “Nope, my wife is in labor and we need to go now – right now!” The policeman asked us if we wanted an escort, dh was too embarrassed to say yes, would have been fun. Anyway we finally got there.

    I wish my birthing story was easy. Unfortunately I had a long birth with my beautiful dd. It was a 33 hour marathon and it was all back labor. My contractions were whacky and 2-5 minutes apart from the beginning, but I wasn’t dilating. So off to the hospital and once in there, there was no leaving. I loved going into the shower, it felt good on the back. They gave me demerol because the pains were so intense and it only made me barf, never again for demerol.

    Eventually after 20+ hours I couldn’t do it anymore and had an epidural, which at least was wise because in the end I had to have an emergency c-section because the babe was in distress. Disappointing a little because I didn’t push her out, but now that I look at it who cares she came out and was healthy. But why oh why did they wait for 33 hours I was exhausted. Would I do it again, yup in a heartbeat.

    In the end, however the birth happens, the end result is always beautiful. A baby is born! ~Accountable

  7. The following is the Birthing story of my Yoga instructor

    A was 7 lbs. 5 oz and measured 20 inches long
    (once we got her leg out from behind her head). She
    was doing in-utero yoga, a true yogini! She arrived
    eyed and very curious about her new surroundings.

    This 39 hour event took place in the “comfort” our own
    home. It was anything but comfortable for any of us,
    and we have a world of thanks and gratitude for three
    incredible women (2 midwives and a doula). They
    expertly guided and encouraged us through this amazing rite of passage.

    Apparently our daughter didn’t want to go swimming in
    the inflatable indoor pool that we had installed for
    her, so we took the action upstairs to the bedroom
    (which is really where this whole story began). After
    many heroic migratory pushes from her mother, A was finally born in her very own room. The room her
    grandparents worked so hard to help remodel in
    anticipation of her big arrival.

    Both mom and baby are happy and healthy and very
    excited to finally see each other. Dad is really
    amazed and proud of his girls. We are loving our

  8. […] and I have chosen to write about childbirth. I have been promising to tell my birth stories to Accountable since November! Well, I’ll start with my own birth. I was born by cesarean in 1979. My mom […]

  9. I’ve decided to get in on the fun…

    Alexis: Being my first, I was grudgingly prepared for a long labor. I started cramping and feeling icky about 12:30am, and couldn’t lay still or sleep all night. Around 4:30, I told my hubby to call his boss, I needed to get this kid out. We arrived at the hospital around 5:30 (I was slow moving) and was taken right into my delivery room. My doctor came by around 9am and said she would be back later, hold tight. I had been soooooooo sick during my entire pregnancy that I was really happy it would be done finally. Um, no. I was vomitrocious through my entire labor!! And I had one nurse who seemed to enjoy my being in pain, and another who I was convinced was a trainee and didn’t trust at all! My doctor was awesome…she was a little thing and looked very young, and she had a great sense of humor and sat at the end of my bed making jokes. When it was finally time to push, I was in my glory! Pushing was good! However, when my doc said I would be pushing for 45 min, I said “just cut me!” She insisted she couldn’t, and I insisted she could. I finally won…baby’s cord was pinched between her shoulder and my pelvic bone and her heart rate was dropping…she was coming out NOW! A pediatrician and an extra nurse were called into the room, and 15 minutes after I started pushing and 2 little snips, Alexis was sucked out (suction) at 12:59pm, at 8lbs 3.5oz and 22″ long. I was thrilled to have her out…my hubby was almost transparent he was so pale. Alexis flailed and yelled, and we were all happy. My hubby found his mom downstairs and told her “never again”. Poor guy…I was just happy I had finally stopped vomitting!! I went home the next day.

    Hayley: I was in agony with Hayley! I had only gained 9lbs through my pregnancy, so my doc (different doc, different city) was convinced she was going to be tiny and would have problems. She also came a week early, and Alexis had chicken pox. My water broke at about 5am. I was unimpressed, to say the least. I had to go to the hospital, but really didn’t want to, so I showered, dressed, fixed my hair, put on a little mascara…I was feeling pretty good, ‘cuz I wasn’t contracting AT ALL. We finally get to the hospital, they hook me up and nope, no contractions. After an hour of nothing, they tell me to start walking. I walked for over an hour, doing laps (fast) around the deserted top floor of the hospital, before they finally got me a room. I was kinda quarentined because Lexi was covered in spots and they were freaking. My doc came in at 8am and said Lexi was not contagious, and I was not in labor, they were inducing me. Ugh. So they started inducing around 8:30. Around noon, I was in pain and MAD…where were my drugs?!?! They finally arrived and I finally stopped threatening everyone in the room. So my nurses (Tweedledum and Tweedledummer) went to lunch, and to keep me occupied, they sent in a Backstreet Boy who said he would be delivering baby if my doc didn’t arrive in time. This guy was about 22 with spikey black hair, tattoos, piercings and a soul patch…he was not getting anywhere near my swelling agony! So he starts asking questions, “When was your last mentrual period?” That was when I lost it and my hubby nicely escorted him into the hall. Anyhoo, around 3pm, I told the nurse to stretch my last centimeter, I was pushing. She smiled nicely, thinking I was kidding, and I started pushing. So she stretched me. My doctor came screaching into the room, yanking her coat off and her scrubs on, and 10 minutes and a HUGE tear later, there was Hayley. Everyone in the room went, “she’s huge!” Yeah, my tiny little baby was 9lbs and 21inches, and a week early. She also had a black eye and a popped clavical from coming out so fast, and I had second-degree tearing. We did get great pics in the delivery room ‘cuz Lexi was there the whole time under a blanket on the chair next to my bed. I went home the next day. Actually, I delivered at 3:30pm, and at 7am they were asking me if I had called my husband to come get me yet. I filed a complaint when I left at 1pm.

    There you go…nothing too exciting, but there are my birthstories!

  10. Great stories Random. But you had it waaaay to easy.
    LOL Pixie, “Backstreet Boy”.
    But GRR that they tried to get rid of you so fast. You are in canada, right? In the US we are now guaranteed BY LAW 2 nights. It is helpful.

  11. Goldie if they could “push” you out of the hospital as soon as they were sure you were okay they would. I ended up with pneumonia right after I had my dd, so they let me stay a few extra days and I was having trouble getting the baby to latch. I spent 5 days in total and then they send a public health nurse to do well baby visit when you get home. It more I think to see how mom is coping or not coping.

  12. Oh BTW I looked like the little green guy in the corner of my post after I was done.

  13. Here’s another link… a home water birth

  14. Here’s another hilarious story fun LOL story

  15. My birth stories (and pictures) are on my doula website, I welcome all momma’s to send me their birth stories and photos to share!

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