This is suppose to be where I talk about me.  I’m 35 and a mother of 2.

While in HS, I weighed approx. 125 lbs.  Of course in college, that jumped up by 10 lbs.  Nothing too bad.  I started doing Yoga and Pilates once a week.  When I was pregnant the first time around, I gained 39 lbs and dropped 49.  I was back to to my high school weight.  It was a combination of breastfeeding and Yoga.  I did pre-natal & Mom & baby Yoga.  18 Months later, I was pregnant again.  I continued to do Pre-natal Yoga and then Mom and Baby Yoga.  Once again, I dropped all the weight I had gained.  After the second turned a year old, we were too old to go to Mom & Baby Yoga, I was starting to chase her more than actually doing yoga!  It’s been about a year and those 10 lbs have creeped back up. I’m not fat or overweight, just not very fit.  I’ll chronicle my exercise journey here.  Thanks for reading!!

Updated 6/3/08:  Well, I’ve gotten away from the original intent of my blog, but I have split all the fitness and fitness related posts off to a new blog!  Here’s where you’ll find my Accountability related fitness posts.  I participated in NaBloPoMo in November of 2007 and that’s when everything kind of took off from there.  It was pretty fun.  I even participated in April 2008 as well.

Whatever I post here are my views only.  If you don’t like them, tough shit.  Go read somewhere else.  I do try to stay away from the political and religious posts, but they might sneak in here every once in a while.

10 Responses

  1. I used to do yoga, have really procrastinated, I believe I am getting lazy. Your blog will probably do me some good.I need some incentive. Just hope I don’t get too tired from imagining me doing your exercise. LOL!

    We can be Yoga video buddies!! Those McDonald 15 minute videos are perfect. ~Accountable

  2. Mickey D’s have video’s? where have I been?

    This was a couple years ago, when they introduced the premium salads. I got one, Core workout, and it stayed in my desk. Then I decided that I needed to do something and I brought it home and started to actually use it. I went on e-bay and found the other three, Yoga, Cardio & Strength. The only other one that I really like is Strength. I do try to use them all, really!! ~Accountable

  3. You’ve been meme tagged – New Year’s style. Read my blog to see the rules. 😀

    Yup! You warned me it would happen. I promise I’ll get to them either tonight or tomorrow. 🙂 ~Accountable

  4. I’ve got some questions for you about NaBloPoMo at my place. I would appreciate your input. Thanks!

  5. 🙂

  6. I was looking for your awards page-LOL!

    Take another look! It’s there now. ~Accountable

  7. Thanks for commenting in my blog. Well, I do swimming myself and manage to stay pretty slim. I’m just a little over 6′ and weigh 170 lbs. The doc says it’s a nice BMI (Body Mass Index, whatever that is).

    You have a very nice blog site. And using WordPress, too.

    I really like wordpress. Even with the changes that they made, it’s made managing things easier. ~R

  8. Hey, thanks for your comment! Nice blog you have here, I love the pictures!

  9. Is that new avatar image YOUR eye?

    That be a negative. My skin isn’t that good. ~R

  10. super honest individual here, I mean you, the blopger of this site.

    you are doing great and be sure proud of yourself.

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