I am late in getting this posted.  I completely forgot to do this post yesterday.  People got panties in a bunch over Thanksgiving because retail workers were expected to work and not be with family.  I think when you work retail, it’s not a surprise that you’ll be working.  Here’s 13 other jobs/careers/professions that don’t always get the holiday off.  Some are fairly obvious.

  1. active duty military
  2. police officers
  3. fire fighters
  4. doctors
  5. nurses
  6. TV crew
  7. radio crew
  8. garbage collectors
  9. homeless shelter staff
  10. hotel staff
  11. nursing home staff
  12. gas station attendants
  13. movie theater staff

Thursday Thirteen

edited to add:  also transportation crew, including airlines, taxis, bussing services.

3 Responses

  1. Many people who keep the city/national services going work holidays. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Only if they expect to make money.

    Hey, long time no see! Good to see you again.

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