After the storm

After the storm

Washington, IL. Taken by my friend, Roger Bell.

Today’s plans..

Have been altered. We aren’t finishing out popcorn delivers due to tornado warnings. We’ve taken cover, and now they have passed. Though now we are without power. I’m thankful for gas stoves and LTE coverage.

edited to add: Since we had no power, we ended up going out to deliver popcorn anyway.  most of it was delivered.


What a day…

We started early this morning. Not on purpose. Today was popcorn pickup day. We have a LOT to sort through and deliver. Old neighborhood, new neighborhood, hubs work, and other. The majority has been delivered and collected, but we still have a long way to go before we’re finished.

This time of year..

Makes me wish I were somewhere warmer. Like here:


It’s gonna be a long winter.

Almost forgot

To blog today. I’m not ready for winter!

Don’t cry..

Over spilled milk… Unless it’s leaked from a thermos, in your daughters lunchbox, all in the book bag, all over the floor, five minutes before the bus picks up.

Yeah, that was my morning this morning.  The good? Our bus stop is first and I was able to get it cleaned up in time to be able to drive her to another pick up point.  The bad? She’s going to need a new book bag.


sleep paralysis

Every once in a while, I’ll wake up and I can’t move a thing.  It usually passes within moments and I’ve found that I can sometimes feel when it’s about to happen.  In that case, I can wiggle my toes and it’ll pass.

A few nights ago, I could feel it starting to happen, so I started to wiggle my toes and it passed.  a few moments later, I got the feeling again, started wiggling, and nothing.  The feeling didn’t pass.  So I thought, here we go again, I just need to wait it out and I wondered what was going to happen this time.  This time, it felt like a cat was walking across my back, and then it passed.

Sometimes, when I’m sleeping on my side, it’ll feel like someone is sitting on the bed next to me and I have a hard time breathing.  Other times it’ll feel like someone is sitting on my legs.  A few times, I’ve tried to talk, but I can’t.  I’ve never experienced the terror that some have, and for that I’m thankful.