Thursday 13: More Kindle Books read

I believe I have 427 books on my Kindle.  Most of them fall in the Thriller genre.  I hope to get them all read.  Here’s 13 more that I’ve finished and loved.

  1. Black Flagged; Steven Konkoly.  I just finished this one.
  2. Vigilante; Claude Bouchard.  There are 7 books so far in this series.  I’ve read them all and loved every one.
  3. Blacklisted; Luke Romyn
  4. The Dark Path; Luke Romyn
  5. Empire (In Her Name: Redemption); Michael Hicks.  He has written three trilogy’s, I’ve read 2 of them so far.
  6. Don’t Shoot! I’m Just the Avon Lady!; Birdie Jaworski
  7. A Night to Remember; Walter Lord.
  8. Goodbye to All That; Judith Arnold
  9. Smart Mouth Waitress, A Romantic Comedy; Dalya Moon
  10. The Dirty Parts of the Bible – A Novel; Sam Torode (This was pretty good and not what it seems)
  11. The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow; Joyce Magnin
  12. Charlotte Figgs Takes over Paradise; Joyce Magnin
  13. Shit My Dad Says; Justin Halpern

Thursday 13

3 Responses

  1. And here I thought I was doing good to read 30-something books this year…

  2. wow, a lot more on your kindle than in mine. I should list books for another week’s 13 too.

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