sleep paralysis

Every once in a while, I’ll wake up and I can’t move a thing.  It usually passes within moments and I’ve found that I can sometimes feel when it’s about to happen.  In that case, I can wiggle my toes and it’ll pass.

A few nights ago, I could feel it starting to happen, so I started to wiggle my toes and it passed.  a few moments later, I got the feeling again, started wiggling, and nothing.  The feeling didn’t pass.  So I thought, here we go again, I just need to wait it out and I wondered what was going to happen this time.  This time, it felt like a cat was walking across my back, and then it passed.

Sometimes, when I’m sleeping on my side, it’ll feel like someone is sitting on the bed next to me and I have a hard time breathing.  Other times it’ll feel like someone is sitting on my legs.  A few times, I’ve tried to talk, but I can’t.  I’ve never experienced the terror that some have, and for that I’m thankful.