Thursday 13: Jingle Bell Run

I’m running in the annual Jingle Bell run…

  1. I haven’t done any running in the last two weeks.
  2. I’ll be doing a whole lot of walking.
  3. I’ll be happy to finish with anything less than 36 minutes.
  4. This will be my third Jingle Bell Run!
  5. Second year being on a team.
  6. The Jingle Bell Run is for the Arthritis Foundation.
  7. It a cause near and dear to me.
  8. My Grandmother had it.
  9. I have it and Raynaud’s Phenomenon.
  10. Winter makes my hands and feet hurt.
  11. In the winter (and sometimes in the summer) I nurse hot water to keep my hands warm as well as use a heated mouse.
  12. I’m sure everyone knows someone personally with Arthritis.
  13. Please consider a small donation.  🙂

I’m hoping you can help me reach my fundraising goal! This year, I have three different sized stickers. Small ($5), Medium ($10) & Large ($20). Make a donation for any of these amounts, and I’ll write your name on the sticker and stick it on me for the run.
small: arm/hand or shin
medium: upper arm or thigh
large: you choose!

Thursday 13