Thursday 13: Cubscout campout

Friday the 21st, my son’s cub scout pack had their annual camp out. Here’s 13 things about it.

  1. All four of us went to the camp site.
  2. Hubby helped set up the tent (but it was easy enough that he didn’t need to)  It’s a small two person tent that my step-dad used in Alaska.
  3. Hubby and daughter left shortly after the air mattress was inflated.  The full sized air mattress filled up the tent.
  4. We also had sleeping bags and three other covers.
  5. It got down to 39 degrees Fahrenheit overnight.
  6. It was a VERY clear night. Perfect for looking at the stars.
  7. Nothing like having to put on tennis shoes and grabbing a flashlight to go use the whole in the ground at 2:30 in the morning.
  8. We slept in our warm sweat shirts and hats.  For a little bit of the night, I had on mittens too.
  9. One of the groups next to us was howling at the moon.
  10. I ate too many roasted marshmallows.  We also had Jiffy Pop!
  11. My teeth felt very fuzzy after a breakfast of pancakes and sausage.
  12. On our nature hike the next morning, we saw a dead deer in the woods.  The boys HAD to go look at it…
  13. Saturday night I fell asleep before the kids, at 8:00 and woke up Sunday morning around 7:00.

I could go on, but we had a lot of fun.

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