Thursday 13: 13 Kindle books Part 1

I love to read.  I just don’t get enough time to do it.  Then Mom Needs to know mentioned in a post about free Kindle books and how iPhone has a free kindle app.  BONUS!!  So I downloaded the app.  One of my Facebook friends mentioned Pixel of Ink, so I subscribed.  Here are 13 books that I’ve downloaded Pixel of Ink. When I downloaded these books, they were free.  Prices may have changed.

  1. Don’t Make Me Come Up There! Quiet Moments for Busy Moms; Kristen Welch
  2. You’ve Gone Too Far This Time, Sir!; Danny Bent
  3. Unlucky in Death; Dan Dillard
  4. Freaks: A Rizzoli & Isles Short Story; Tess Gerritson
  5. The Dead Saint; Marilyn Brown Oden
  6. When Cows Fly; Tom Watson
  7. Little Miss Mary and The Big Monster Makeover; Gleb Toropov
  8. Stingray Bit My Nipple!: True Stories from Real Travelers; Erik Torkells
  9. She Drives Me Crazy: Three Favorite Essays; Celia Rivenbark
  10. Admit One: My Life in Film; Emmett James
  11. The Time Machine; HG Wells
  12. Ten Moments That Shook The Sports World; Stan Isaacs
  13. The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow; Joyce Magnin

Thursday 13

11 Responses

  1. that’s a lot of reading material! Enjoy 🙂

  2. Oh, I like Tess Gerritson. I’ll look for her story. Thanks and happy reading.

  3. A great list of e-reads.

  4. I’ve got a bunch of ebooks I still haven’t read because I never feel like it when I’m at my computer. i need to get an ereader.

  5. I love my kindle! I wish I would have seen “Don’t Make Me Come Up There! Quiet Moments for Busy Moms; Kristen Welch” before it started charging again! Great list, I have a few of those!

  6. I’ve had to limit myself on the free reads until I start catching on up them, but it’s wonderful to have so many options. I’ve got to look into four!

    Happy T13,

    13 Cakes

  7. I adore Pixel of Ink. I now have more free books on my Kindle than I know what to do with…and with new books every day, I’m pretty sure I’ll never get around to ALL of them!

  8. I don’t recognize any of them. Are they good?

  9. You’ve got some pretty wild titles in there.

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