Thursday 13: 13 favorite songs

These are my 13 favorite songs, in no particular order.  though I guess they are mostly the ballads.

  1. “Amazed”; Lonestar
  2. “Anything for You”; Gloria Estefan
  3. “When the Children Cry”; Whitesnake
  4. “So Close”; Hall & Oates
  5. “I’ll be There for You”; Bon Jovi
  6. “Annie’s song”; John Denver
  7. “Babe”; Styx
  8. “American Pie”; Don Mclean
  9. “Right Here Waiting for You”; Richard Marx
  10. “Summer of ’69”; Bryan Adams
  11. “Cherokee Highway”; Western Flyer
  12. “Open Arms”; Journey
  13. “Broken Wings”; Mr. Mister

Thursday 13

3 Responses

  1. love love love Hall & Oates 🙂

  2. Now I’m fighting the urge to go play on youtube.

  3. VERY creative post.!I love music so I noticed we have a lot in common. I love “Babe”! I also like these other ones very much: Anything for You”; Gloria Estefan
    “When the Children Cry”; Whitesnake
    “So Close”; Hall & Oates
    “I’ll be There for You”; Bon Jovi
    “Annie’s song”; John Denver
    “American Pie”; Don Mclean

    I will be listening to the others you chose to see if there are new ones I”d like.

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