Wordless Wednesday: melting

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday 13: 13 more Yoga poses

Since I’ve already done a Thursday 13 of Yoga poses, I thought I’d offer up 13 more poses.  I’ll try to not repeat from the other post…

The following poses are from the Yogaworkout.com iPhone app, Detox flow.

  1. Chair pose *
  2. Eagle pose
  3. Prayer twist right
  4. Gorilla Pose
  5. Prayer Twist left
  6. standing forward fold
  7. low lunge
  8. revolved crescent lunge right
  9. seated twist right
  10. downward dog *
  11. low lunge left
  12. revolved crescent lunge left
  13. seated twist left
  14. downward facing dog

*These are duplicates, but I can’t help it!!  Happy Yoga’ing.

Thursday 13