Thursday 13: Thanksgiving Vacation

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Here’s my thirteen things about Thanksgiving vacation

  1. We left for the in-laws Wednesday morning.
  2. It was rainy and cold.
  3. We had ice on our antenna and side mirrors.
  4. We saw salt trucks on the way.
  5. They weren’t salting the roads, just monitoring.
  6. The construction around Indy is horrible!
  7. And confusing!
  8. We stopped in Indy to eat lunch.
  9. At Bob Evans.
  10. We were there for more than an hour…
  11. We had to stop 15 minutes after that so the boy could go pee.
  12. The rest of the ride was uneventful.
  13. Just rainy.
  14. I didn’t even sleep the whole car ride over!!  (This is a first)

Thursday 13