Here it is!

I read Blondie in yesterday’s paper and nearly died laughing…

An old post from 2008… where I admit I can wiggle one of my toes independently of my others.. 😉 Do you want to see a short video of me wiggling my one toe?

6 Responses

  1. Oh. My. God. This made me laugh!!!!! How did you find my wiggling pinkie toes post, anyway??


    And YESSS!!!!! I Do want to see your big toe video!!



    • OK!! I’ll video and post it..

      Jannie: I think I just googled or youtube searched Wiggling toes… I don’t remember but if you have a feature that you can see what was searched, that was me.

  2. Lmao!! That’s hilarious!

    And of course we want to see….duh! 😛

  3. That’s SO funny! I was amusing myself in the hospital over the weekend and discovered I can’t bend my little finger by itself!

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