Thursday 13: 13 lies

Thirteen lies about me.

  1. Winter is my favorite season. I love being cold.
  2. I never wear socks to bed.
  3. I hate to read.
  4. My showers average 10 minutes or less.
  5. Of my sister’s and me, I take the longest to get ready in the morning.
  6. I am always warm.
  7. My kids look nothing like me.
  8. I look nothing like my Mother.
  9. Growing up, I had to sleep with the door open. I’m sure it drove my sister crazy.
  10. I can’t sleep unless my head is covered up.
  11. I can only sleep in my own bed.
  12. Mustard and mayonnaise are my two most favorite condiments.
  13. I can read for a long time in the car without getting sick.

Thursday 13

Here you go!

I’m a freak!!  LOL!!

Here it is!

I read Blondie in yesterday’s paper and nearly died laughing…

An old post from 2008… where I admit I can wiggle one of my toes independently of my others.. 😉 Do you want to see a short video of me wiggling my one toe?