Thursday 13: Busy-ness

It’s another busy couple of weekends here.

  1. Hubby left for weekend golf trip.
  2. Soccer practice Thursday night.
  3. Early dismissal for Homecoming.
  4. Our elementary school is not even a feeder school for that High School!
  5. 5K Saturday morning.
  6. Soccer game Saturday afternoon.
  7. Kidspot for K Starts Sunday.
  8. Hubby comes home from golf trip Sunday.
  9. Religious Education Tuesday.
  10. Hubby plays softball Tuesday
  11. Cub scouts after R/E Tuesday
  12. Hubby has Volleyball game at the same time as softball (Not sure which he is going to play)
  13. Hubby bowls Wednesday.


How’s your week?

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8 Responses

  1. Sounds like your hubby is really busy, too! Hard to be a juggler, isn’t it?

  2. I am tired just reading that list!

  3. YEAH!!! I don’t have any of that stuff any more.
    Actually, golf is close to daily.

    Have a great Thursday!

  4. What are you doing while your husband does all that?

  5. Wow, folks out your way must take football seriously.

  6. You’ve got a lot doing on in your lives. 🙂 But, I think it’s good to be busy.

  7. For the first time in so long last weekend was not constant going and fully scheduled with things to do and places to go. It was so nice 🙂

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