6 lies and 1 truth

Taken from Janet at Fond of Snape:

1. I adore spiders, they’re so gorgeous!
2. I always have to have socks on my feet.
3. I’ve never felt very feminine.
4. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream, but only if the ice cream is green.
5. I’ve been married 3 times!
6. I have OCD tendencies and keep a VERY neat house, everything in it’s place.
7. I love drama, lots of drama!

One of these is the truth and 6 are lies.  I think for those that know me, it should be pretty easy.  😉

3 Responses

  1. I suppose I’m guessing, but, I’d say #2 is the truth.

  2. Not sure which is the lie, but I (almost) always wear socks. And also love mint choco chip ice cream, even if it’s not green.

  3. Obviously the mint chocolate chip ice cream is the truth…and of course it has to be green! Everyone knows the green kind tastes better 🙂

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