Thursday 13: it’s that day again

I’ve got nothing except 13 random statements.

1. I’m typing this at 5:40 AM
2. My son is giggling in his sleep!
3. It’s making me giggle too.
4. Over the weekend, we converted our daughters bed from a toddler bed to a full size bed.
5. She LOVES it.
6. She tends to sleep in one corner.
7. She hasn’t sprawled out yet.
8. The boy does sprawl out in his bed.
9. They have the exact same beds.
10. His is wood color.
11. Hers is painted white.
12. Am I done yet?
13. Now I am!

Thursday 13

7 Responses

  1. Great list! Love it when you can get a post in while the kids are still sleeping!

  2. LOL “Am I done yet? Now I am.” You’re starting to sound like me.

  3. Nothing wrong with a random TT!

  4. I woke up yesterday morning laughing…always a good sign!

  5. Are their beds the type that would join together into a set of bunks?

    • no. We bought them convertible cribs. First a crib, then toddler bed. Then a full size bed. More like a sleigh bed. We bought the rails after the crib.

      As a crib, the front part was fixed, and that is the foot board. The back is the headboard.

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