PhotoHunt: Natural

Naturally, what I planted didn’t sprout, but this volunteer did!

Our volunteer


Anyone want any little tomatoes?  None of eat them!

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Thursday 13: Busy-ness

It’s another busy couple of weekends here.

  1. Hubby left for weekend golf trip.
  2. Soccer practice Thursday night.
  3. Early dismissal for Homecoming.
  4. Our elementary school is not even a feeder school for that High School!
  5. 5K Saturday morning.
  6. Soccer game Saturday afternoon.
  7. Kidspot for K Starts Sunday.
  8. Hubby comes home from golf trip Sunday.
  9. Religious Education Tuesday.
  10. Hubby plays softball Tuesday
  11. Cub scouts after R/E Tuesday
  12. Hubby has Volleyball game at the same time as softball (Not sure which he is going to play)
  13. Hubby bowls Wednesday.


How’s your week?

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Wordless Wednesday

6 lies and 1 truth

Taken from Janet at Fond of Snape:

1. I adore spiders, they’re so gorgeous!
2. I always have to have socks on my feet.
3. I’ve never felt very feminine.
4. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream, but only if the ice cream is green.
5. I’ve been married 3 times!
6. I have OCD tendencies and keep a VERY neat house, everything in it’s place.
7. I love drama, lots of drama!

One of these is the truth and 6 are lies.  I think for those that know me, it should be pretty easy.  😉

Thursday 13: it’s that day again

I’ve got nothing except 13 random statements.

1. I’m typing this at 5:40 AM
2. My son is giggling in his sleep!
3. It’s making me giggle too.
4. Over the weekend, we converted our daughters bed from a toddler bed to a full size bed.
5. She LOVES it.
6. She tends to sleep in one corner.
7. She hasn’t sprawled out yet.
8. The boy does sprawl out in his bed.
9. They have the exact same beds.
10. His is wood color.
11. Hers is painted white.
12. Am I done yet?
13. Now I am!

Thursday 13