Photohunt: Orange

After spending a long weekend in WI, and even after posting a sunset photo already, here is another orange sunset.

The cabin with an orange glow from the sunset.  Probably Sunday or Monday evening.

more Photohunt

12 Responses

  1. I love the orange-glow cabin shot!

  2. An orange rays, very pretty!
    My orange

  3. You were in Wisconsin? I’m heading that way tomorrow! Was this around Steven’s Point? So we just missed each other?

  4. aloha,

    enjoyed viewing your orange themed sunsets, beautiful skies and the photo with the glow is great

    my inspiration for this weeks photohunt is on my sari blog 🙂

  5. I love the mood you captured in both your shots.

  6. It looks restful indeed. I spent my day digging an edging trench in my flowerbeds. Not a lot of fun. My orange is here.

  7. The sunset is just lovely. Looks like such a nice place for a relaxing vacation.

  8. That photo of the cabin – like a distant memory of childhood at the lake.

  9. Ok, I’m going to argue a little here. I mean, you do have some orange in there, but you gotta admit the purples are stronger.

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