Thursday 13: Pandora

I’m listening to Pandora.  here’s the songs.

  1. “Strut”  Adam Lambert; For Your Entertainment
  2. “Feels Like Tonight” Daughtry; Daughtry
  3. “Hey, Soul Sister”  Train; Save Me, San Francisco
  4. “Apologize (Timbaland Radio Remix”  OneRepublic; Dreaming Out Loud
  5. “Fever”  Adam Lambert; For Your Entertainment
  6. “Home” Daughtry; Daughtry
  7. “100 Years”  Five for Fighting; Back Country Live
  8. “Say Hey (I Love You)”  Michael Franti & Spearhead;  All Rebel Rockers
  9. “Please Don’t Leave Me”  Pink;  Funhouse
  10. “For Your Entertainment”  Adam Lambert; For Your Entertainment
  11. “Shattered”  O.A.R; All Sides
  12. “Rock and Roll”  Eric Hutchinson; Sounds Like This
  13. “Halfway Gone”  Lifehouse; Smoke & Mirrors

I think I’m digging Pandora!!

Thursday 13

Photohunt: Orange

After spending a long weekend in WI, and even after posting a sunset photo already, here is another orange sunset.

The cabin with an orange glow from the sunset.  Probably Sunday or Monday evening.

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Thursday 13: 13 things done on vacation

So last week, I had a ton to do before my vacation.  Here are 13 things I did ON my vacation:

  1. Eat out
  2. Sit on the beach reading a magazine
  3. Sit in the hammock reading a magazine
  4. Water ski
  5. Knee board
  6. Visit the deer park
  7. Ran just under 2 miles
  8. Canoed around an island
  9. Saw a pair of bald eagles while canoeing around the island
  10. Walked
  11. Ate Sweet corn (3 nights out of 4)
  12. went for a motor boat ride
  13. Took pictures

Thursday 13

Sunday Sunset (a day early)

One of the photography blogs I’ve been reading started a Sunday Sunset.  I’ve been on vacation and have taken sunset pictures the last two nights.

Here’s the sunset from Saturday night.  I love this place.

Finding another View:  Sunset Sunday

Thursday 13: 13 things to do before vacation tomorrow

I am heading north with my Mom tomorrow morning and I can’t wait!  I do have lots to do still…

  1. Work until noon
  2. Laundry
  3. fold laundry
  4. put away laundry
  5. return books to the library
  6. buy a white T-shit for the boy to tie dye Monday
  7. wash the dishes
  8. get milk
  9. pack
  10. eat lunch
  11. Pay the equity line of credit
  12. buy stamps
  13. go to the bank

so some of this was a stretch…

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