Thursday 13: huh?

Is it really Thursday again?   I guess it’s ramble time.

  1. The kids spent the night with Grandma Sunday night.
  2. Hubby golfed Monday morning.
  3. I went on a bike ride and a run.
  4. first part of bike ride:  8.66 miles.
  5. The run part was 1.67 miles
  6. I wanted to run two miles, but it was HOT!
  7. The ride home was 9.38 miles
  8. It was good!
  9. I did another little 2 mile run Wednesday.
  10. Some days I wonder why I took 3 weeks off running.
  11. It feels like I’m starting over, but I know I just need to run to get back to where I was.
  12. I’m signed up for a 5K 6/12.
  13. That’s just what I need to ramp running back up.

Thursday 13

8 Responses

  1. Hey, at least you run. Happy TT.

  2. Just a little 6K, not a biathlon?

  3. Wish I could run it with you! Why do all my running buddies live in other states?

  4. friends of ours just started training for a triathalon …. its been interesting reading baout so much running

  5. 2 mile run? i m envious!

    Mush 13

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