Photohunt: Monthly

I thought to myself, what am I ever going to do for this one. the only thing that really popped in my mind was… well, you know, but I could NEVER take a picture of that! Then I thought about it a bit more and then AHA!! I have a photo!


Reminiscent of my high school days…

Cell phone photo and I should have taken it horizontal instead.  Oh well.  LOL!!


5 Responses

  1. Aha a monthly period!! ^_^ Nice take of this week theme. Happy weekend!

    Photo Hunt~Monthly

  2. Funny. I couldn’t come with a respectable way of that interpretation of the theme but you did a good job.

  3. LOL! I’ve heard stories about this happening to people.

    I kind of had the same take on the theme as you.

  4. I would have been surprised if this one didn’t pop up. I guess you handled it as well as it could have been handled. Thanks for dropping by my blog and I hope I see you again soon.

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