Photo hunt: Black

I wanted to get a cool weather shot, but ut has been nice and sunny here the last week.

shredded black tire mulch

So you get an up close of shredded black tier mulch.   It was either that or my black toes from running.


7 Responses

  1. AN excellent use for old tyres. Have a great weekend

  2. that is in your mulch does it hold in water and keep out weeds likewood mulch does?

  3. Well it works anyway. I never would have thought of it but I like this take on the theme! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I’m just as glad not to see the black toes. My toes are hurting in sympathy at only the mention.

    • yes.. I’ve posted a WW of “Runner’s toe” but it has blackened up much more since then. I considered painting the rest of my toes black to match. 😀

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