Thursday 13: Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  It’ll kind of be a rambling Earth Day post today.  Ready?  Let’s go!

  1. Not getting off to a good Earth day Start.  😦
  2. Today, the kids ate their breakfast in plastic cups.
  3. We were running late.
  4. The I drove the girl to Montessori in the van.
  5. If I’d have planned it better, I would have taken her on the bicycle with her in the trailer.
  6. Then I had to fill up the van.
  7. I also bought a coffee at the gas station.
  8. at least THAT was in my travel mug.
  9. We use too many paper towels.
  10. We also use too many plastic bags.
  11. Need to start breaking of that habit.
  12. We did use shredded tires for the mulch in our play area.
  13. Happy Earth day!!

Thursday 13

7 Responses

  1. Happy Earth Day! We broke 95% of our paper towel habit by emptying and rededicating a kitchen drawer to towels…both “wash cloth” and “hand towel” size. We also bought enough to fill the drawer twice, so that no matter how many are awaiting the laundering process we still have a few around. The paper towel roll has stuck around, but we only use–I’m guessing–6 per year, and that includes cleaning mirrors.

  2. Target has some great white washclothes I use in place of paper towels. My earth day started off ok, I think…I picked up some water bottles someone tossed in the woods and left ’em for the guy who goes thru the dumpsters looking for bottles to recycle.

  3. The fastest way to break the paper towel habit is to keep a bunch of old rags handy. If the mess is too disgusting, it isn’t that big a deal to throw the whole thing away, otherwise, it’s into the laundry with it.

  4. it’s more that we need to use cloth napkins instead of paper towels… Need to get on board with that. We have plenty of dish towels and such.

    I do use the totes. I have several and I LOVE them. The live in my car. We do recycle what we can. The soap/shampoo/lotion bottles are hard to recycle because they don’t rinse out well. I print out very little at work to. Excel is my best friend and so is adobe acrobat.

  5. Mr. Linky is separate from Thurs Thirteen. I recently bought their gold package, which lets me do the box thing with the permalinks. You can check it out for yourself by clicking the “Mr. Linky’s Magical Widgets” line. They have the way I used to do it available for free.

  6. Cool list! Happy Earth Day. I am probably not contributing much today either.

    I really should stop with the plastic bags too.

    Hope you have a good one 🙂

  7. Give yourself a break. You can only do what you can do. Tomorrow, you’ll probably do a lot better. Grin.

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