Thursday 13: Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  It’ll kind of be a rambling Earth Day post today.  Ready?  Let’s go!

  1. Not getting off to a good Earth day Start.  😦
  2. Today, the kids ate their breakfast in plastic cups.
  3. We were running late.
  4. The I drove the girl to Montessori in the van.
  5. If I’d have planned it better, I would have taken her on the bicycle with her in the trailer.
  6. Then I had to fill up the van.
  7. I also bought a coffee at the gas station.
  8. at least THAT was in my travel mug.
  9. We use too many paper towels.
  10. We also use too many plastic bags.
  11. Need to start breaking of that habit.
  12. We did use shredded tires for the mulch in our play area.
  13. Happy Earth day!!

Thursday 13