Thursday 13: names

Not sure how I came up with this themed post.  Thirteen names that could be for a boy or a girl (in no particular order):

  1. Lynn
  2. Pat
  3. Kerri
  4. Kim
  5. Sam
  6. Alex
  7. Jackie
  8. Chris
  9. Taylor
  10. Leslie
  11. Adrian
  12. Sandy
  13. Kelly

Thursday 13

I know there are more and sometimes the spelling is how you differentiate those names, like:

  1. Jerry/Gerri
  2. Lee/Leigh
  3. Aaron/Erin
  4. Jody/Jodie
  5. Jamie/Jaime
  6. Corey/Kori
  7. Terry/Teri
  8. Gene/Jean
  9. Bobby/Bobbi
  10. Joe/Jo
  11. Danny/Dani
  12. Gayle/Gail
  13. Tracy/Traci

Wahoo!!  A double Thursday 13!  LOL!!

7 Responses

  1. I like your list(s) of names.

    Have a great Thursday!

  2. Nice names 🙂

  3. Sometimes some of the names on the list makes me scratch my head. Like … Kim or Lynn for a boy. Adrian for a girl–at least, that spelling.

  4. Here’s another one: Shelby. My brother’s name, and one I run into with females also… What can I say, it was the 60s and my parents stopped behind a Shelby Mustang, and there you have it!

    Great list!

  5. This could be a very handy list for me next time I’m struggling to come up with a character name.

  6. I really like some of the names that are differentiated by spelling.

  7. I’ll take Sandy

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