Photo Hunt: Addiction

I guess you can say that I’m addicted to 5K’s.

Here are my race bibs:

Yes, I keep my race numbers.  I write the names of the race, date and times on the back.  🙂  I’m linking to my other blog where I’ve posted about the races.

182:  Women’s fitness 5K

595:  Jingle Bell Run

117:  Miller Park Stampede

147:  St. Patrick’s day 5K

8073:  CCHS Saints Alive 5K

Now I’ve gotta go!!  I have a 5K in 2 hours.  Come back soon!

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edited to add:  race today is posted.  bib# 1020:  Born Learning Trail 5K

Thursday 13: Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  It’ll kind of be a rambling Earth Day post today.  Ready?  Let’s go!

  1. Not getting off to a good Earth day Start.  😦
  2. Today, the kids ate their breakfast in plastic cups.
  3. We were running late.
  4. The I drove the girl to Montessori in the van.
  5. If I’d have planned it better, I would have taken her on the bicycle with her in the trailer.
  6. Then I had to fill up the van.
  7. I also bought a coffee at the gas station.
  8. at least THAT was in my travel mug.
  9. We use too many paper towels.
  10. We also use too many plastic bags.
  11. Need to start breaking of that habit.
  12. We did use shredded tires for the mulch in our play area.
  13. Happy Earth day!!

Thursday 13

Thursday 13: Because I’m a Mom

This isn’t my post.  I picked it up from Rock and Drool.  I couldn’t think of anything myself.   I had to share with you.

  1. Because I’m a mom, I don’t always get to do the things that I want to do.
  2. Because I’m a mom, I have to cancel plans because of sick kids. Or no babysitter. Or no school.
  3. Because I’m a mom, I don’t always get to spend money frivolously on myself.
  4. Because I’m a mom, life takes unexpected turns even when I’m trying to keep the steering wheel straight.
  5. Because I’m a mom, I have to be numero 1 1/2 sometimes.
  6. Because I’m a mom, I have to kill spiders and do laundry.
  7. Because I’m a mom, I have to clean up bloody boo-boos, even though they gross me out.
  8. Because I’m a mom, I have to wipe boogers and butts.
  9. Because I’m a mom, I’m always reminded when I need to get my roots done.
  10. Because I’m a mom, I know my faults. I am constantly reminded of them.
  11. Because I’m a mom, I have to miss social media events even though I was really, really looking forward to it.
  12. Because I’m a mom, I know what true love is which makes all of this OK.
  13. Just because I’m a mom, doesn’t mean I can’t have a little kid temper tantrum when any of it happens when I don’t want it to.

More Thursday 13

Thursday 13: names

Not sure how I came up with this themed post.  Thirteen names that could be for a boy or a girl (in no particular order):

  1. Lynn
  2. Pat
  3. Kerri
  4. Kim
  5. Sam
  6. Alex
  7. Jackie
  8. Chris
  9. Taylor
  10. Leslie
  11. Adrian
  12. Sandy
  13. Kelly

Thursday 13

I know there are more and sometimes the spelling is how you differentiate those names, like:

  1. Jerry/Gerri
  2. Lee/Leigh
  3. Aaron/Erin
  4. Jody/Jodie
  5. Jamie/Jaime
  6. Corey/Kori
  7. Terry/Teri
  8. Gene/Jean
  9. Bobby/Bobbi
  10. Joe/Jo
  11. Danny/Dani
  12. Gayle/Gail
  13. Tracy/Traci

Wahoo!!  A double Thursday 13!  LOL!!