Thursday 13: Rambling Rambles

Ramble time!

  1. I went to my primary for a possible referral to the chiro.
  2. Didn’t get one.
  3. That’s fine with me.
  4. Going to try heat packs for my tense shoulder.
  5. I’ve made a sock rice heat pack!
  6. Which is probably causing my headaches in the back of my head.
  7. I was also given a muscle relaxer to use before bed.
  8. Imitrex for the more migrainy headaches that I sometimes get.
  9. Those headaches are behind my eyes.
  10. If neither of those work, then off to PT for me.
  11. I’d like to whore myself out to the local massage therapy classes too.
  12. I’m sure massages will help immensely.
  13. Am I done yet?

Thursday 13

4 Responses

  1. I hope you’re feeling better soon! Nothing much is worse than back pain. And I love me a visit to the massage therapist, too.

    Happy TT.

  2. I ❤ my chiro 🙂

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