Thursday 13: 13 signs of Spring

  1. Time to take the flannel sheets off the bed.
  2. Feety PJ’s aren’t being worn in favor of two piece PJ’s
  3. Long sleeves are taking a back seat to short sleeves.
  4. Midnight thunderstorms.
  5. Outside runs have replaced treadmill runs.
  6. Little walks with the kids.
  7. The kids bike’s have been brought into the garage.
  8. evenings at the park.
  9. Spring jackets are being worn.
  10. Bluebells & Crocuses are starting to pop up!
  11. More 5K’s and possibly a 10K to run.
  12. Days are starting to get longer and daylight savings time is starting soon!
  13. Spring training baseball has started!
  14. Pothole patching has commenced.
  15. The rabbits are out in the yard in force.

Thursday 13

11 Responses

  1. uuurrggghhhh…the rabbits….
    We had one of those midnight t-storms last night.

    Have a great Thursday!

  2. I think we are expecting a storm tonight. The rabbits are already out and munching on the greenery. I will have to invest in a fence this year, I think.

    Great TT!

  3. My flannel sheets never made it on to the bed. Still not sure how that happened.

  4. Mmmmmm. I LOVE midnight thunderstorms!!! Bring on Spring!

  5. Bring on Spring!!!

  6. Spring jackets. I look forward to putting away my winter coat every year.

  7. I’m ready for spring! It’s still a bit cold here though, but I’m looking forward to taking off the flannel sheets! I did a list of 13 of my least favorite foods, it’s here:

  8. Ready for Spring!! We’re seeing blue skies and sunshine again so I know spring is getting close 🙂

  9. you make me sad like all other spring writers 😦

    sniff sniff!

    Down Down and Dump

  10. Hey, new look! Very clean and spare. I like it.

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