Thursday 13: Rambling Rambles

Ramble time!

  1. I went to my primary for a possible referral to the chiro.
  2. Didn’t get one.
  3. That’s fine with me.
  4. Going to try heat packs for my tense shoulder.
  5. I’ve made a sock rice heat pack!
  6. Which is probably causing my headaches in the back of my head.
  7. I was also given a muscle relaxer to use before bed.
  8. Imitrex for the more migrainy headaches that I sometimes get.
  9. Those headaches are behind my eyes.
  10. If neither of those work, then off to PT for me.
  11. I’d like to whore myself out to the local massage therapy classes too.
  12. I’m sure massages will help immensely.
  13. Am I done yet?

Thursday 13

Thursday 13: Randomness

I’ve got nothing so I’m going to try to Ramble:

  1. Second 5K went REALLY, REALLY well!
  2. Read about it here!
  3. I’ll wait.  🙂
  4. Last Saturday we went to our town’s home show.
  5. I was talked into a free couple minute massage by one of the chiropractor’s office.
  6. I ended up taking advantage of a $25 consult.
  7. Hopefully they can help with my fairly constant headaches.
  8. I find out this afternoon if they can.
  9. Not sure if I’ll be able to do the 10K I really really want to do.
  10. My son has a soccer game later that morning.
  11. I’d be pushing it to get back in time for the soccer game.
  12. It’s his last game.
  13. I need to be there.

Thursday 13

Wordless Wednesday: Stop?

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday 13: 13 signs of Spring

  1. Time to take the flannel sheets off the bed.
  2. Feety PJ’s aren’t being worn in favor of two piece PJ’s
  3. Long sleeves are taking a back seat to short sleeves.
  4. Midnight thunderstorms.
  5. Outside runs have replaced treadmill runs.
  6. Little walks with the kids.
  7. The kids bike’s have been brought into the garage.
  8. evenings at the park.
  9. Spring jackets are being worn.
  10. Bluebells & Crocuses are starting to pop up!
  11. More 5K’s and possibly a 10K to run.
  12. Days are starting to get longer and daylight savings time is starting soon!
  13. Spring training baseball has started!
  14. Pothole patching has commenced.
  15. The rabbits are out in the yard in force.

Thursday 13

Wordless Wednesday: The Poltergeist Hallway Hill

Wordless Wedensday